Occupational Therapy

At Colorado Springs Therapy Center, our goal is to maximize one’s abilities through purposeful activities while focusing on a holistic, individualized approach.

Our highly trained practitioners strive to provide the best care possible. We provide occupational therapy treatments for a wide range of conditions and disorders for children and adults.

therapist helping a woman with shoulder mobility


Occupational therapy helps individuals develop self care skills or relearn them after a surgery or medical condition such as a stroke or head injury. ADL’s focus on dressing, bathing, toileting and homemaking.

Sensory Processing is the body’s way of interpreting information from the environment around us. Some individuals have overactive or underactive responses to the incoming information. Sensory processing therapy works to organize their sensory system, reducing meltdowns, increasing participation and focus.

Visual Motor Integration is also known as eye-hand coordination. Vision is used to guide what the hand and body are doing to produce smooth coordinated movements and optimal end results. Visual motor integration therapy will help with handwriting, cutting, throwing, catching and more.

Bilateral integration is the ability to use both hands or sides of the body together to perform tasks such as running, bike riding, catching and throwing a ball, dressing, etc. This is so important for growth, development and fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills involves the use of the small muscles of the hands and coordination of the eyes to perform tasks such as grasping objects, feeding, handwriting etc. Occupational Therapists work to increase strength of muscles of the hands as well as focus, and coordination of the eyes to be able to perform these skills that require attention to detail.

OT Norms in Years

Rolls from tummy to back

Sits unsupported for short periods 

Raking grasp

Begins to crawl forward, then begins to stand with support

Takes off socks

Uses pincer grasp 


Begins to walk 

Finger feeds

Pushes down pants

Finds arm holes in shirt

Puts on socks

Walks up and down stairs

Begins to run

Draws lines and circles 

Builds tower with blocks

Transitions away from guardian easily

Puts on shoes

Pulls up pants

Hops on one foot

Begin imitation of capital letters with tripod grasp

Uses spoon 

Uses scissors

Dresses self with assistance for fasteners


Throws ball at target

Draws a person with body

Forms capital letters

Uses fork 

Independent in restroom

Uses buttons, zippers, buckles, and ties shoes independently

Forms lowercase letters 

Forms basic shapes

Consistently uses tripod grasp to write

Hand Therapy

electrical muscle stimulation

We provide heat / cold modalities / ultrasound / TENS and ESTIM services

(TENS: transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; ESTIM =  electrical muscle stimulation).

Our hand specialist can treat the following conditions and more:

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