SLP and OT Approved Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays from CSTC!

The holidays can be the most magical, stressful time of the year. Let us help you take some of the stress out of gift buying for your kiddos! We are wishing all a happy holiday season. We are grateful for you!

Gifts for the Littles

  • Aquadoodle Mat
    • The Aquadoodle mat comes with special pens holding a limited amount of water. This is wonderful because even if your child breaks the pen open, they won’t ruin the floor or table. Each mat is different! When water is applied the mat may reveal a design, numbers, letters, animals etc. In fact, my nephew has one and he spends HOURS playing with it.

  • Squigz
    • Squigz are made of silicone and have suction cups on their ends. Your child can practice fine motor skills by pushing them together and building to their heart’s content! They also make a fun noise when they’re pulled apart, and who doesn’t love that? Additionally, they don’t hurt if thrown at a sibling. The name-brand Squigz are slightly more expensive. You can find off-brand versions for a lower price in the link above.

  • Fishing Puzzle
    • Using the magnetic fishing pole is great for hand-eye coordination. Putting the fish back in the puzzle provides an opportunity to practice visual-spatial skills. Also, if this is harder for a younger child it is a good opportunity to practice emotional regulation if they become frustrated.

  • Stamps and Stickers
    • Stamps are a great way to offer a crafting activity without the mess of painting. Pushing the stamps into ink pads provides sensory input and can promote fine motor strength. They are inexpensive and fun–always a win for gifting! Stickers are great for fine motor skills as well, specifically finger strength and coordination.

  • Bubbles
    • I will pressure people to buy bubbles until the day I die. This is a fun way to teach your child the oral motor movements necessary for blowing. Also, if your child is working on any bilabial sounds (p, b, m, w) this is one of the best activities to promote lip rounding and closure.

  • Play-Doh
    • Play-Doh is a classic gift that will never get old. Play-Doh is perfect for hand strengthening and sensory input as well as language opportunities. Practice rolling, pinching, and stacking to create whatever you can imagine!

Gifts for Older Kids

  • Motor Works Toys
    • Motor Works provides kid friendly tools to put together a motorcycle, airplane, and helicopter. These also offer opportunities to work on fine motor skills. This is a perfect gift for the little one who always wants to help when the tools come out. They are also available on Amazon.

  • Kinetic Sand
    • Kinetic sand is great sensory input for kids with processing difficulties. Additionally, this activity promotes imaginative and pretend play skills–an important part of language development.

  • Any Melissa & Doug Toy
    • Melissa and Doug offers a wide variety of toys promoting many opportunities for language input and development and fine motor skill practice.

  • Cook Books for Kids
    • I can’t think of a better way to promote independence and skill mastery than cooking. Kids are exposed to a wide vocabulary and skills such stirring, scooping, and kitchen safety.


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