Let’s be real…

Times are kind of scary right now. There’s uncertainty, panic, and anxiety. I encourage you to say “yes” to your kids more right now. Let them do the messy activities. Make the cake, decorate the cookies, paint with pudding, make the slime, find science experiments on YouTube. Just like the adults, the kids are trying to wrap their still-developing brains around what’s happening in the world and it’s HARD. Everyone deserves a whole BUNCH of grace right now while we’re trying to figure out what is going on with this virus. So while you’re trying to cling to some shred of structure and/or sanity in the coming weeks please try to say “yes.”

With that, I give you your survival guide to entertain and educate your kids:

Shared on Facebook via Felicia Hatcher

Taken from ABCs to ACTs’ Facebook Page

The SMART Exchange


Create a free account.

Don’t worry–you don’t need a SMART Board to use this, and lots of things are free! Just press “Save to SLS online” when you find one you like instead of downloading it and all your activities are saved right there!



This website includes lots of materials made by teachers, for teachers…which is now every parent ever. Things range from free to upwards of $100 dollars, but most are pretty inexpensive.

The Science Mom


This momma scientist has some great videos for your kids to learn about all things moving and living.

Book Share Time

This page is full of books containing speech and language targets for your kiddos!



The Walker Scottish Rite Clinic is located on Maryville University’s campus in St. Louis where I completed my undergraduate studies. All the therapists there are WONDERFUL, creative, and practical. Check out their Facebook page for more ideas for targeting speech and language at home!


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